Master the Art of selling creative (Part 2)

Master the Art of selling creative (Part 2)

Want to sell your creative work without the cheesy sales approach? Looking to ensure you present your creative ideas in ways that connect with decision makers, capture their hearts and minds and ultimately get them to buy your ideas and sign on the dotted line?

At Master the Art, we believe it’s about three things:

  1. Thorough preparation
  2. Genuine passion
  3. Outstanding performance

In the second of this 3-part blog post series, we highlight why demonstrating genuine and authentic passion when selling creative can positively influence the outcome of your pitch.

In her book, Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority, Caroline Goyder talks about passion as part of a ‘gravitas equation’:

Knowledge + purpose + passion (- anxiety) = Gravitas

She says, “This trinity of knowledge, purpose and passion is key…when your knowledge, purpose and passion work together and you rehearse to the point that you can get the nervous butterflies in your stomach flying in formation, that’s when you start to take off.” To explain further:

Knowledge is your zone of expertise, a circle of confidence in which you are expert and authoritative.

Purpose is about your values and what matters to you. Caroline says, “Purpose gives you momentum and gravitas shines most when you serve a greater good”.

Passion, however, is the spark that sets your ideas and knowledge alight, fuelling you and inspiring and engaging others.

This passion can be intoxicating to clients, giving you and your ideas huge appeal. If you have high levels of knowledge and purpose but demonstrate little to no passion, your creative ideas run the risk of falling flat, of having no sparkle or pizazz. Subconsciously or consciously, clients will think, “well, if they’re not enthusiastic about their idea, why on earth should I be?”

It becomes clear, quite quickly, that if the passion part of the gravitas equation is missing when pitching creative ideas, you’re far less likely to have a successful outcome.

So how can you demonstrate this all-important passion, enthusing and inspiring your audience into buying your creative? People who speak passionately about their ideas are bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, their eyes shining and full of spirit, their voices expressive and their gestures expansive. But what’s most important is that they let their true selves shine through. Their passion is genuine, authentic and, above all, credible. They get the balance right between demonstrating their knowledge and showing their passion – combining both to ensure their ideas really fly, enthusing and inspiring their audience along the way.

In short, prepare well and know your stuff, but don’t underestimate the importance of demonstrating genuine passion when selling creative. Present your ideas with bags of enthusiasm and don’t be afraid to let the real you shine through. Inauthenticity will stand out a mile off, whereas genuine passion will pay off by the bucket load.

Look out for part three of this blog post where we’ll be running through the importance of delivering an outstanding performance when selling creative.

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