Hello, I’m Catherine...

An experienced agency marketing and business development consultant, professional actor, and advocate for the transformative power of confident communication. I firmly believe that whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, how you communicate shapes how others perceive you in the workplace.

With over 25 years of experience working in and with creative agencies, I’ve witnessed brilliant ideas fall flat due to poor presentation, as well as mediocre pitches surprisingly win because of exceptional delivery. It’s this very dynamic that has led me to help others communicate with gravitas and command attention while maintaining that all-important warmth, empathy, and approachability, essential for building trusted relationships.

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Head of People, Kinneir Dufort

Catherine worked with me to tailor her material to suit our business needs and it was good to feel confident that she would deliver something of real value to our team. Participants in the training found her style engaging and enthusiastic, with the content a good mix of information, reflection and practice. The feedback from everyone who took part was overwhelmingly positive. We will be working with Catherine again!

Whether you’re presenting to a single person in a meeting or addressing hundreds on stage, I equip you with the right tools and mindset to conquer your fears, break free from scripted presentations, and genuinely engage your audience, leaving a lasting impact.

If you want help to elevate your pitching, captivate your audiences and boost your communication skills, let’s talk.

Why work with me?

Having navigated the competitive pressure of creative agency life, I understand the daily challenges your teams face. I know what it takes to craft pitches that give you the crucial edge and how to bolster your people’s confidence and gravitas when presenting to clients, ensuring your success.

Furthermore, my background as a professional actor and voice-over artist has given me the opportunity to learn from esteemed directors and fellow actors. This rich experience allows me to help individuals feel more confident in front of an audience, communicate like true leaders, and conquer any fears or worries they might have.

If you're eager to elevate your pitching, captivate your audiences, and learn new communication skills to grow and succeed, let's talk.